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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A stone grinding mill for Copșa Mare

Red 8 and 12 Row corn grown in the village by Ilia Jordan

Copșa Mare's flour mill closed down some 30 years ago. Villagers wanting to grind their corn and wheat these days must travel at least 30km, and so most do not bother. People have stopped growing wheat, and most of the maize is hybrid and used as animal feed.

We intend to establish a small, not-for-profit mill in the village, and in this way hope to make the community more self-sufficient. Easy access to a stone grinding mill will encourage more villagers to return to planting Eight Row Flint corn, which makes the best cornmeal for preparing mămăligă or polenta, and to sow wheat, thus reducing the village's dependence upon industrially produced bread delivered every morning in vans.

We are well on the way to raising the money to buy a small tabletop mill from among our friends and visitors. We have found just the mill, a robust tabletop stone grinding mill from the Danish mill manufacturer ENGSKO, tailor made for small farm shops, large households and suchlike. The advantages of this particular mill are its size, the fact that it can be used non-stop without the stone grinders heating up and spoiling the meal, and a 1.5kW engine capable of operating on a single phase 220V power supply. But the mill is not cheap.

Since starting to publicise the Moară Appeal earlier this year, we have received pledges of EUR2340!

For our part, we are building a small house for the mill in the grounds of our own house, and we shall supply the electric power to run the mill. The cost of the milling will be kept low, just enough to cover the cost of employing a neighbour to operate and maintain the mill, and the electricity needed to run it. We intend to have the mill up and running in time for this year's harvest.

We look forward to eating locally grown, freshly milled, stone ground polenta cornmeal, with 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.

If you would like to make a pledge to support our efforts to buy a stone grinding mill for the village, please mail for details.


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