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Culture minister in Copşa

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

On Sunday, 12th September, we were thrilled to receive an impromptu visit from Bogdan Gheorghiu, Romania's minister of culture. Mr Gheorghiu was in Sibiu County for the weekend. Accompanied by Mircea Dragomir, our mayor, we gave the minister and his colleagues from the county's cultural authorities an informal tour of the old townhall, our home. We were able to tell him a little about our lives here, and how we came to settle in Transylvania. We showed him pictures of the state of the building when we bought it in 2015, and the minister expressed his thanks for our work. How good it was to meet someone who appreciates the virtues of under-restoring a building.

We are honoured by Mr Gheorgiu's visit. We would like to thank Mircea Dragomir for bringing him to see us, and for his unstinting and always friendly support over the five years since we settled here.

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