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Copşa Mare & Via Transilvanica

Updated: May 13, 2023

Slow travellers following the Via Transilvanica will hope to find locally-owned, reasonably priced places to sleep & eat along the way. Copşa Mare has such places at last!
This painting of the landscape around us hangs in the church hall in neighbouring Richiș.

CopşaMare.Life is delighted that the 1000km Via Transilvanica trail passes through the village. The initiative is welcome for many reasons, not least because it encourages travellers to leave their cars at home, and to explore Transylvania on foot, and in this way help to conserve an unspoilt landscape and to supplement local livelihoods from farming through genuine slow tourism.

The popularity of the different parts of the 1000km trail will depend in part upon the proximity of locally-owned, reasonably priced food and accommodation. Visitors need no longer pay 120 EUR a night to an Italian property developer with over a dozen farmhouses in the village.

SILE & SIMONA: For slow travellers along the Via Transilvanica wishing to have a hot shower and a good meal after a long day's hike or ride, there is Copşa Mare 122, owned and run by local couple Sile and Simona. Simona is well-known to regular visitors to the village, having worked more than 10 years as the resident cook at the Italian-owned guesthouse here. Copşa Mare 122 is affordable, comfortable and very welcoming, an ideal place for visitors with children who would like to be looked after by a family in a relaxed and peaceful setting, and to eat typical Transylvanian food.

Simona and Sile offer home-cooked meals using local ingredients including beef and pork from animals they have raised themselves, as well as their own vegetables, milk and eggs. Simona has a passion for baking, and has her own wood-fired bread oven.

Downstairs there is a magnificent open plan space perfect for entertaining. The place is heated by a stunning Kachelofen built from handmade tiles manufactured in nearby Mediaş. 

To book a stay in the village's first and so far only locally owned guesthouse, call Simona on +40 728 371 762 

ANT CAMP: For those Via Transilvanica travellers who would prefer to camp in the hills, there is ANT, a converted bee wagon that sits above the trail in a shady spot with a wonderful view. ANT sleeps four in two rooms, each with two single beds. There is one price for those travelling with all their gear, and another for those travelling light.

RUCKSACK HEAVY: Many of you will be carrying your own sleeping bag and other essentials, and would like a safe, dry place to sleep. ANT is ideal for you, with plentiful drinking water, dry firewood, a compost lavatory, a bed with a mattress, a table and chairs, solar lights, and a big enamel washbowl. The price for one night is just 55 lei.

RUCKSACK LIGHT: Some of you will prefer to carry as little as possible on the trail, for example if you are walking with your children. For you, we offer all of the above plus bedlinen, fresh bread & milk, black tea, cutlery, plates and a saucepan to boil water. The price for 2 people travelling light is 200 lei per night, for 3 travellers 275 lei, and for 4 travellers 350 lei. We offer a special family (2 adults, 2 children under 12) price of 200 lei.

If you would like to reserve ANT, please call James on +40 768 994 224. Or visit

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