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A Cat from Crimea

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

For the foreseeable future, Copşa Mare is home to three members of the Zozulia family from Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine

Nadya and her mother Lena are staying with us in the village, waiting out the war now raging in their own country. They arrived in April from Mykolaiv, together with their Maine Coone, an exceedingly handsome chap called Jasha, who was born in the Crimea in 2014. Mykolaiv is the shipbuilding capital of Ukraine, some 100km east of Odesa.

The three of them have settled in well, and established a daily routine revolving around regular calls home, to Lena's husband, Nadya's father, and on-line schooling. They get their fresh buffalo milk from the Schneider family, eggs and lettuces from Ilia Jordan, and jams and cordials from Marieta Cocoş. Every school day, Nadya is hard at work with her Mykolaiv friends and teachers, now dispersed all around Europe. Lena is keeping busy, preparing delicious meals for the guests of our school of botanical art and illustration, and cultivating a vegetable garden. And Nadya is learning to ride! The Zozulias are descended from Cossacks, and not surprisingly, Nadya is a natural on horseback.

We hope the Zozulia family will soon be reunited, and look forward to the day when we shall visit them in their home in Mykolaiv.

Nadya on Millie

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