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Ever since they were married, Stefi Schneider and his wife Mihaela have wanted buffalo.


"When we were first married, 22 years ago, we had two buffalo calves. But Stefi had to work abroad, so we sold them. Three years ago, we decided to reintroduce them to the village and today we have nine. Five are with calf, so our herd is growing!"


The Carpathian buffalo is a water buffalo. On hot summer afternoons, these inquisitive creatures may be found wallowing  contentedly in a muddy water hole outside the village.


Stefi & Mihaela have three children and together they look after the family's smallholding. They supply their friends & neighbours with delicious creamy milk, cheese & yoghurt. 


When Stefi is not working with his animals and land, he is making new oak barns or repairing the wooden roof beams of houses in the village. His latest masterpiece is a magnificent oak barn soon to open as a guesthouse.  



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