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Beni with his new wheels!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Beni Farkas received his new wheelchair today, a little behind schedule but better late than never! The new chair is the right size for him.
Thank you all for your generous support! But please don't stop giving! We want to raise enough money to get him an even lighter, more robust chair in the future.

Beni in his new chair, with his grandparents, his younger brother Denis, and his mother Alina. His father, David, is in Germany on a three month contract as a labourer.

CopsaMare.Life in partnership with Motivation Foundation

All donations, marked benifarkas appeal in EURO to Motivation

Bank transfer

IBAN RO 78 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0002

SWIFT: RNCB RO BU Romanian Commercial Bank, Plevnei Branch

For more information, please write to James at

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