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Locally owned | Nicu Moldovan

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Cart rides into the hills with Nicu Moldovan & his horses.

Truly sustainable tourism in villages like Copșa Mare supplements income from farming: It does not replace it. To sustain a way of life and the landscape here, visitors should spend their money with locals, such as Nicu Moldovan.

Nicu, pictured above, is the village bell ringer, and is rarely to be seen without Dana & Dorina, his mares. Together, they plough & harrow, fetch & carry, both for themselves and for their neighbours. Here he is preparing Mrs Negru's potatoe patch.

The patience & gentleness with which Nicu handles his horses is a joy to watch. Hooves and mouths are treated with respect. Happy horses make for safe carriage. In the warmer months, small groups of visitors head up into the hills in Nicu's cart. While they enjoy a picnic, Dana & Dorina, their bridles & bits removed, enjoy the grasses full of wild herbs.

Find out more about those families in the village offering accommodation, as well as good things to eat, drink and do.

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