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Thanks to many of you, the village now has a small working stone mill that is accessible, efficient to run & easy to maintain.

Our mill is here for those in the village who grow grain and corn from their own, carefully selected seed banks at home, and would like regularly to mill small quantities, for their own consumption.

The meal & flour produced is fresh and complete. It needs to be consumed within a few days, so there is no point in milling large amounts, unless, of course, there is a wedding or baptism party in the village! 

We slow grind corn with mill stones three times to achieve the desired, even consistency for a traditional, hearty mămăliga - or polenta if you prefer.

This is a private, slow food initiative which seeks to respond to a local need. It is hoped that access to affordable, quality stone milling will encourage more villagers to return to growing the old variety corns and wheats, and to continue to cultivate their precious seed banks, valuable stores of genetic diversity.

In this way, we hope to make the village even more self-sufficient in the production of quality, slow food.

We do not mill for the general public. We do not
mill hybrids at all, nor do we grind corn for animal feed.

Photo by Sharon Schuster Thiollier @murapadurii

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