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Nicu Moldovan is the village bellringer. When storm clouds gather over the village, he hurries to the church. It is a widely held belief here that vigorous ringing of the bells in this deep valley disperses hailstones which destroy crops. For this service, each household pays a small annual sum.  

Nicu is rarely to be seen without Dana & Dorina, his mares. Together, they plough & harrow, fetch & carry,  both for themselves and for their neighbours.  

The patience & gentleness with which Nicu handles his horses is a joy to watch. Hooves and mouths are treated with respect.


Happy horses make for safe carriage. In the warmer months, small groups of visitors head up into the hills in Nicu's cart. While they enjoy a picnic, Dana & Dorina, their bridles & bits removed, enjoy the grasses full of wild herbs.

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