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After 26 years in Bohemia, Rachel & James  de Candole settled in Copşa Mare with their children and animals in 2015.  

"We wanted to live in a quiet place, in hilly, open country good for riding. We have our own horses of various breeds and ages which we school classically."

The de Candoles have restored the old townhall in the village, where they live all year round.


"It is good to be among people who live off the land and who have time for you. With all the animals to look after, it's hard to get away. But the world comes to us so we don't feel cut off.  Lots of friends and friends of friends come to ride, walk & paint."

This is how Robin Lane Fox described his ride with them: 

"I set off for Copsa Mare, where I met my Nemesis and fell in love. Nemesis is a 10-year-old Dutch warmblood mare, 17 hands 3. She is stabled nightly beside the tall dark Romulus who was once a gallop-on star in the film Prince Caspian. The beautifully schooled Nemesis carried me smoothly past gardens of zinnias, cosmos and calendulas. White-flowered wild asters marked our ascent into beechwoods of exceptional beauty but as they also contain wild bears, we had to travel noisily. In Britain it is 12 years since I last halloaed legally for fox hounds. In Transylvania I have been halloaing to keep bears away."


Quotation from 'On the trail of the elusive crocus in Transylvania'   Financial Times, Oct.17th, 2017.

Visitors may sleep in the family's converted bee wagons, Ant & Bee.

ANT, which has recently featured in the Benelux edition of National Geographic Traveler, is for those who would like comfortably to camp in the middle of this unspoilt landscape.

Visiting artists may work in the family's art studio. The space is filled with northern light and equipped for half a dozen students. For details, click here


Thanks to Edi for the portrait of Rachel & James, Nemie & Millie. 

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